Dash cams, parking sensors and reversing cameras

Okay, not all dash-cams and parking sensors are difficult to fit, but even the easy ones require a demonstration and the tidying of cables. So it is good to know that the fully trained members of the Autosave family are here to help.

With the installation of all our rear parking sensors, dash-cams and reversing camera’s, we will give you a full demonstration of the use and functionality along with a professional install and full testing.

Add parking sensors to your car for safety and convenience. Ideal for all vehicles and vans that have big blind spots.

Parking sensors produce audible and/or visual warnings of objects in your path when parking your car. Avoid those little scrapes and bumps in tight places. We install on site for your convenience.


Audio speaker systems and aerials

From classical music to heavy rock, whatever your choice of music, we will install a wide range of in-car audio equipment with a full demo where needed.

The Autosave family will fit your car stereo, speakers, or aerial in a professional manner with full testing to ensure a proper installation has been achieved.

We are trading though with extra safety precautions. Please call if you need more information.